Pipes and Pints

Our pipes are extensions of ourselves, when you see one of our pipes we want it to be instantly recognizable.  Whether it be by the shape or texture, or combination of the two we want our pipes to represent us and our customer in the best possible light.  Sean and I are both not guys who easily blend into a crowd and would like our pipes to represent that.  They’re not made to look like any other pipe on the market, our pipes are made for the person that wants something practical and functional while remaining entirely special.

We’ve put two pipes on the website this weekend, one being inspired by the time we spent abroad visiting the beautiful inns, taverns, and pubs all over London.  It’s a pipe for someone who wants a rustic pipe to accompany a good ale.

The other is inspired by Gotham’s Clown Prince of Crime, it’s sharp, it’s strange, and hard to look away from.

If you’re in Cape May New Jersey next week, on Saturday night(July 18) we’ll be doing a live demonstration and pop-up shop at a beautiful store called Makers Making.  We’ll have pipes for sale, along with tampers, and our new pouches to go with every pipe.  We’ll be working on a pipe while we’re there and give you a chance to enter to win the pipe for free.  The Facebook event can be found here!

Popup shop flyer