Customer Critique

We had the pleasure of selling one of our Morta pipes to Dave Shain.  He was nice enough and satisfied with his purchase to write the following review:

“I purchased this pipe at the NY pipe show. It is a Morta Poker with a Green Cumberland stem and white lucite shank accent. I’ve been wanting a Morta for some time and the price was one I just couldn’t pass up, plus I took pleasure in supporting some new blood in the pipe making world. The makers, Ben and Sean, have been at it for about a year and are doing some interesting stuff. You can check out their available pipes at They call their company A&G Tobacco Pipes.

My pipe. I’ve never had a Morta before, but it was pleasing to the eye and had a nice blast. Also the drilling was spot on and the stem work is very nice. I broke in the bowl with my go to Cut Virginia Plug. This is what I always smoke in a new pipe. In my opinion if the pipe will smoke a good flake well, it will smoke anything well. I found the pipe to have a perfect draw, smoked cool and dry all the way to the bottom. I have smoked it three times so far and the experience has been three perfect smokes. I am very pleased with it. The pipe also came with a big leather pouch which you will see in the pictures. Also they give their pipes names which I also like to do. My pipe is named Maleficent. I would definitely buy from these guys again.

Here is a pic of me with Ben and Sean.


Here are some pics of the pipe on its leather pouch.



And one of me smoking it.”


Here is a link to the original review: on

If you would like to find out more about Dave’s work visit his page, The Pipery on Facebook.

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