Productivity, Pizza, and Pipes

This weekend we were lucky enough to not only finish a pipe and continue work on some others, but we got to spend some time with friends and family over some pizza and pipe talk. A great friend of ours Bruce McCausland was able to take our logo made by Chris Markley and pump out some of the coolest stickers for the New York Pipe Show. We are now a mere 12 days away from the show and we are hoping to see you there!



The cold won’t keep us out of the shop.

We’re only a few weeks away from the New York Pipe Show!  It’s crunch time in the shop right now and even with the cold we have pipes on the bench to be carved, sanded, stained, and polished.

There are a few other pieces in the process of being put together.  We are making some very cool pipe stands out transmission gears that are going to look really wild along with some leather pouches to keep the pipe safe.

Besides putting work in, we also have a lot of fun in the shop.  For us, pipe smoking is tied directly to friendship and friendship is tied to pipe smoking.