Pipe Work and Prepping

We are still preparing for the New York Pipe Show and we are hoping to bring about 10 pipes with us. Despite the occasional stem break or cracked pipe, we have been making a lot of progress and we are very excited to share our work in a few weeks. If you have any questions regarding the pipe show or just pipe making in general, we’d love to hear from you!


Finish work

While most of the shaping is done on the lathe, on the belt sander, or with files those tools can only take a pipe so far. After the rough shaping and lines are carved into the pipe it’s a matter of hours and hours of sanding up to 1000 grit to get the pipe where we want it to be.

Once the pipe reaches an even finish we will dye it and then we sand some more. It’s time consuming but can be enjoyable and takes a pipe to point where we can put it on the buffing wheels and bring all that sweet, sweet grain out.


Pipe Club!

This morning the two of us took a ride up to Williams Totally Tobacco in Vineland for their monthly pipe club meeting. What is a pipe club? Well, that is exactly what we wanted to find out. The answer is that pipe clubs are just a great way to spend an afternoon.

The sitting area of Williams’ was filled with seven or eight guys and a table full of tobacco. Between everyone there was probably fifty different blends to try and almost as many pipes. Great conversation and even some cold meats and cheese to eat.

Having the chance to meet up with some fellow pipe smokers has us even more excited for the New York Pipe Show in March!

New Year, New Pipes!

Happy New Year! With the holiday season ending, we are back at work in the shop trying to produce some exciting pieces. We are looking forward to the New York Pipe Convention on March 7th and we would love to see some of you at the A&G table. Until then, we’ll be working hard trying make some great pieces for the convention.