3 thoughts on “Recent Work

  1. John Cooke says:

    Been fun following you on instagram. Use to smoke a traditionally styled pipe with tin tobacco like Frog Morton etc. Have been away from it for a while. Watching your work is kindling an interest. Pardon the pun.


    • Cape May Pipes says:

      Hey John, thanks for the kind words. I have to say that the Frog Morton line is one of our favorites. I was actually smoking some Frog Morton Cellar yesterday. If you’d ever like to see the shop and some of pieces in person we’re always happy to share some of our Frog Morton.


      • John Cooke says:

        Lets make that happen in the New Year. I run the Victorian Motel in town, so a tad busy with staff levels this time of year. I also moved my blog to self hosted back in July. So my posts don’t always appear here, but on http://www.cookecapemay.com I’d be happy to write something up or have you do a guest post promoting the pipe biz. Lets stay in touch.


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