This fall, with our lathe getting fixed and the beginning of graduate school we have had to take a little time off. To celebrate how successful and excitIng the past year has been, we are having a fall sale!

Each pipe is on sale for $100. This will include shipping, an A&G Cape May pouch, our unique gear stand, and a tamper. 

This deal will go on until Halloween, so go check out our “available for purchase” pipes and make one of ours, one of yours.

Pipes and Pints

Our pipes are extensions of ourselves, when you see one of our pipes we want it to be instantly recognizable.  Whether it be by the shape or texture, or combination of the two we want our pipes to represent us and our customer in the best possible light.  Sean and I are both not guys who easily blend into a crowd and would like our pipes to represent that.  They’re not made to look like any other pipe on the market, our pipes are made for the person that wants something practical and functional while remaining entirely special.

We’ve put two pipes on the website this weekend, one being inspired by the time we spent abroad visiting the beautiful inns, taverns, and pubs all over London.  It’s a pipe for someone who wants a rustic pipe to accompany a good ale.

The other is inspired by Gotham’s Clown Prince of Crime, it’s sharp, it’s strange, and hard to look away from.

If you’re in Cape May New Jersey next week, on Saturday night(July 18) we’ll be doing a live demonstration and pop-up shop at a beautiful store called Makers Making.  We’ll have pipes for sale, along with tampers, and our new pouches to go with every pipe.  We’ll be working on a pipe while we’re there and give you a chance to enter to win the pipe for free.  The Facebook event can be found here!

Popup shop flyer

Summer Smokes

A&G small logoIt’s perfect smoking weather here in Cape May.  We’re enjoying being able to sit outside and enjoy a bowl.  The only thing better than smoking pipes is smoking pipes while we’re making pipes.  We’ve been working on some commissions and a few pipes that really take us out of our comfort zone and will turn some heads.

In great news, our article in Cape May Magazine comes out very soon, keep an eye out for it in June.  Besides that we will also be hosting a pop-up shop in Makers Making on the Washington Street Mall in a few weeks.  Once the date is finalized we’ll be promoting like crazy.  If you can’t wait to hold an A&G pipe we’ll be putting a few in a local shop this weekend.  If you’re out, go over to Up In Smoke in the Washington Street Mall and take a look at one of our pipes in person.

We’ll also be using some new art on our packages and in all sorts of ways.  The art was made by the incredibly talented Chris Markley.  He’s been kind enough to work with us through the process and delivered something that we couldn’t be more proud to represent us.  If you’d like to see more of Chris’ work head to his website.

Friends of the Flame

For A&G, pipe smoking is centered around friendship.  By expanding our work and keeping our price points affordable we are able to keep making pipes that are available to most people so we are able to further our friendships and bring others into the world of pipe smoking.

Here is one of our newest pipes: Kikimore, she will be going to a good home with an old friend.

Italian Briar and German Cumberland stem.

Italian Briar and German Cumberland stem.



Customer Critique

We had the pleasure of selling one of our Morta pipes to Dave Shain.  He was nice enough and satisfied with his purchase to write the following review:

“I purchased this pipe at the NY pipe show. It is a Morta Poker with a Green Cumberland stem and white lucite shank accent. I’ve been wanting a Morta for some time and the price was one I just couldn’t pass up, plus I took pleasure in supporting some new blood in the pipe making world. The makers, Ben and Sean, have been at it for about a year and are doing some interesting stuff. You can check out their available pipes at http://www.capemaypipes.com. They call their company A&G Tobacco Pipes.

My pipe. I’ve never had a Morta before, but it was pleasing to the eye and had a nice blast. Also the drilling was spot on and the stem work is very nice. I broke in the bowl with my go to Cut Virginia Plug. This is what I always smoke in a new pipe. In my opinion if the pipe will smoke a good flake well, it will smoke anything well. I found the pipe to have a perfect draw, smoked cool and dry all the way to the bottom. I have smoked it three times so far and the experience has been three perfect smokes. I am very pleased with it. The pipe also came with a big leather pouch which you will see in the pictures. Also they give their pipes names which I also like to do. My pipe is named Maleficent. I would definitely buy from these guys again.

Here is a pic of me with Ben and Sean.


Here are some pics of the pipe on its leather pouch.



And one of me smoking it.”


Here is a link to the original review: on Pipesmagazine.com

If you would like to find out more about Dave’s work visit his page, The Pipery on Facebook.

Exciting News!

We are proud to announce that pipes will now be available for purchase on the site. If you just go under the “Available for Purchase” tab, you will find our cleverly named pipes ready for purchase.

We would like to thank everyone who came out and bought a pipe or even just stopped by to say hello at the New York Pipe Show. What a great start to a great year!

DSC_0263 DSC_0265

Constantly Carving

We’re a few days away from the New York Pipe Show and working to finish up the last of our work to be displayed.  We’re currently planning to bring 13 pipes which is more than either of us had anticipated.

It’s been a fast couple months as we work to develop our techniques and craftsmanship to make sure we meet our own very high standards of workmanship.  Besides the technical aspects of pipe making a lot of the enjoyment comes from developing our own personal style of carving.  When someone sees our pipes we want it to be clear that this pipe came from Cape May.

A few weeks ago we had the honor of working with photographer David Todd McCarthy on a project that he is doing for Cape May Magazine.  The experience was very exciting and humbling to have someone take such an interest in our work to want to spend their day learning about us and what we do.  The article will be featured in the Summer 2015 issue of Cape May Magazine.

Sean, Ben, and David.

Sean, Ben, and David.

partial for pipe show

Sean honing the details of  a pipe with files and sandpaper

Sean honing the details of a pipe with files and sandpaper

Productivity, Pizza, and Pipes

This weekend we were lucky enough to not only finish a pipe and continue work on some others, but we got to spend some time with friends and family over some pizza and pipe talk. A great friend of ours Bruce McCausland was able to take our logo made by Chris Markley and pump out some of the coolest stickers for the New York Pipe Show. We are now a mere 12 days away from the show and we are hoping to see you there!



The cold won’t keep us out of the shop.

We’re only a few weeks away from the New York Pipe Show!  It’s crunch time in the shop right now and even with the cold we have pipes on the bench to be carved, sanded, stained, and polished.

There are a few other pieces in the process of being put together.  We are making some very cool pipe stands out transmission gears that are going to look really wild along with some leather pouches to keep the pipe safe.

Besides putting work in, we also have a lot of fun in the shop.  For us, pipe smoking is tied directly to friendship and friendship is tied to pipe smoking.